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In order to mobilize the patriots of America we must begin on common ground.  To be a patriot, you must love America for its own sake, for how it came to be, and for the radical notion of liberty that it was.  If you love America because we are becoming more and more like your values system, then you don’t love America for herself, you love her for yourself.  Your loyalty is a reflection of your agreement, a mere nodding of the head, and no such patriotism stands long under the crushing weight of conflict.  If you love America as a patriot, her origins are a reason to love her, and her current plummet into darkness is reason to love her more.  I believe you have no ground to criticize a thing unless you love it like a patriot.  You can complain and chastise and scream and even insult, but the right to offer up the ways in which it must be improved are the province of the lover only.  All else fails the test of investment.  Someone may criticize your spouse, but the spouse need only value it from you.    You see them for both their strengths and their weaknesses, and don’t love them more for one and less for the other.   So it is with all things.

Therefore, it is to the true American patriot I address this letter.  I will attempt to offer a solution to the problems that beset our nation, instead of adding another voice to the chorus of complaint.


I imagine our American heritage, and the energy and moral strength we draw from it, like the bulging backs of aged warriors, chained in an arena and being made to fight society’s sins for show, so the audience can feed upon the spoils of our victories and the spectacle of our efforts.  The spectators, ravenous not for food but purpose, release beast after beast for us to battle: pride; for tolerance, envy; for success, gluttony; for distraction, sloth; for virtue, lust; for danger, greed; for excess, and a tentacled levitation of wrath; for God.

We are weary, but the spectators are hungry.  Our numbers shrink but theirs grow.  Our backs bend and their fingers straighten.

Make no mistake the forces of evil in this world are winning.  Earth is fallen as man is fallen.  We live in the province of the enemy.  But take heart, because darkness never cloaked the Colosseum so thickly that sunrise never came.  The enemy’s ticket takers are roving the stadium aisles as doomsayers and fear-mongers.  Those ruinous men, about one in every dozen, who foretell the end of the world is near.  They take great secret pleasure in “being sorry to say all is lost.”  They encite the mob to shout at us from the safety of the grandstands phrases like “we are nearing the cliff,” and “we are over the cliff and falling,” and “trainwreck,” and “armageddon,” ad nauseum.  The problem with these metaphors is that everyone dies together at the end of them, and that is not going to happen in America.  Everyone dies in a trainwreck, or by going over a cliff.  The conservatives wouldn’t walk away from a liberal trainwreck, and vice versa.  These ideas are planted in the hearts of men with a penchant for schadenfreude by the enemy, and they keep us in line.  Oh we, the working warrior patriots of America, of little faith.


I offer another metaphor, and none more fitting so close to Black Friday.  We are simply drunk. Utterly trashed in actuality.

I watched a video compilation of Black Friday insanity the following Monday and each scene looked like poor footage from a movie set where actors were told to act like the love child of a drunken jackass, and a mindless zombie.  It was truly chilling to watch people swarm around, and cry out in ecstasy over being able to receive… a stapler.

For generations, we have become more and more intoxicated by our own decadence, and increasingly less charmed by it.  As we edge God out of our culture, we edge our purpose out with it, and no amount of excess can fill that void.  America now offers what God intended as the reward for hard work, with little to no work at all.  Our parents, and their parents, going back to the greatest generation, failed to train huge numbers of American youth what our values are and how vitally important is the character only found in the arena of life… in the battling of our individual sin.  Instead, we have lived well off the fruits of the baby boomer, who inherited the work ethic but not the moral ethic.  Work hard and love your neighbor, became “work hard, play hard.”  Then lately it seems, they just dropped the “work hard” altogether.  It’s just “play hard” now.  Get while the getting is good.  Find your fun.

I say again, we are drunk.

Drunkenness is not a fixed state, it comes like temperature, in degrees.  One may be a little goofy, or a tad louder than normal, but a great deal of time and consumption separates the reddish cheeks of these first two, with the great retching we hear and see each day on the news.

The majority of people in America today, these chronic moral inebriates, simply do not know what it means to love this country as a patriot.  They want to make America into a thing they can someday love, when cleansed of its Judao-Christian values. We cannot give America over to them.  You must love them as you would love a spouse, or a friend, who has had far too much to drink, and is retching, while at the same time beckoning another beverage.

You might say “No, you’ve had enough,” but the America we love has developed quite an addict’s tolerance, and they will not listen to any voice insulting vice.  A raging alcoholic, America screams, and throws a drunken tantrum as it stumbles, but all is far from lost.  We will fall down, but not perish.


Do not buy into the end of the world.  Every generation since Jesus has read his return into the tea leaves of current events… every single one.  America is not going to die, but she is going to have one hell of a hangover.  It will come with headaches, and pain, and suffering, and even more retching, but it will be a cleansing process, not a dying process.  As anyone who has loved someone who has obviously drunk too much, you can hardly stop them soon enough.   The challenge now is to understand that to stop them, we must stop trying to take away their beverage.  We must quit buying their booze.  We must get completely out of the way and allow them to pass out on their own.   We must turn the other cheek, not in weakness, but in wisdom.

I call on the Patriots of America to fast.  Our country only functions on the lifeblood of our efforts.  It is we who foot the bill.  To not pay our taxes is a crime, yet no law exists to minimize our own earnings, and our spending.  To fast.  If you are self-employed, as I am, you pay a tremendous amount of money for the privilege of working half-days, and you also get the luxury of picking whichever 12 hours you like.  Understand this is a choice.  You could likely get by with far less, and have far more time with your family.  Now is the time for such an exercise.  The practice of fasting is a gift, and was originally used as a reminder to pray each time you felt the pang of hunger.  The Patriot Fast is the same.  Each time we feel the need or want of another thing, or another toy, or another experience… instead remind yourself to be thankful.  We must work less, produce less, consume FAR less, and give every dime we make above and beyond our basic needs to charity. We must massively and intentionally diminish our taxable income and expenses.  There are an infinite variety of ways to implement the Patriot Fast depending on your family’s situation but to help spark your imagination, here are a few:

Go on a complete consumer holiday and buy nothing that is non-essential.  Choose a hobby that requires your time instead of your money, I recommend geocaching.  Read great literature instead of buying movies.  The possibilities are limited only by your commitment to this vision, and your imagination.

The system cannot survive for more than a year or two if enough Patriots decide to stop feeding the government beast and instead, speak with their cheek.  In a way, it’s a much more difficult fight when you are swinging the sword of self-discipline, to fight our own urges, to battle our own sin, but it’s past time to do so.  It’s time for the hangover to begin.

Now is the time for the Patriot fast.