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As I watched the Presidential Inauguration this morning, I was struck by how somber the tone was of our newest President.  There are many things that he said and did, with which, I totally agree.  The most notable of all was the fact that he did not pander to the people who did not elect him.  That is a total departure from politics as usual, where a president fills inaugurations with platitude after platitude, all in warm, pear shaped tones.  Make no mistake, the media in all of its forms is allied and aligned with a clear mission: to ensure as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, get the worst possible view of President Trump.

This is not by accident.  I don’t believe anything he could have said would have been well received by anyone who did not, and does not, think he is the better person for the Presidency between him or Hillary Rodham Clinton.  If he had said,

I am sorry for my harsh words during the campaign, but I didn’t run for President because I wanted people to like me, I ran to win.  Politics is a blood sport and you do what you have to do to win.  Now is the time to come together.

The media would have said he was a disingenuous racist, bigot.  And if he had said,

I will do my best to also represent the people who didn’t vote for me.  I am YOUR president too, and even though you didn’t support me, what you have to say matters to me.

His many bitter and destructive detractors would have said he is lying and pandering to the left, classic politician trying to move to the middle.  Just as every blowhard politician for decades has done.  If, instead of calling out the abysmal failures of the last eight years, he had said,

Barack Obama did as good a job as anyone could have, and the country is now recovering.

The opposition would seize on it as evidence that leftist policies work and that everything he ran on was a lie to get elected.  That is simply not true.  The economy is not recovering because of Obama and his policies, it is recovering in a few ways in spite of Barack Obama.

I contend that this inauguration was a lose-lose for anything he could have said to ameliorate the misplaced rage and anger of the left and the media.

So, in what I think was a wise choice, he did what a smart tactician would do in the face of a media hell-bent on his destruction, and a pitifully confused urban population who thinks government is the answer to all of man’s problems: he flanked and fought the battle he could win.  He spoke to his supporters alone.  Any aisle crossing, any grace toward the endless bureaucratic failings of the past would have been slapped away anyway, so it is a fools errand to waste your breath on the countless snowflakes who would plug their ears and shout “NA NA NA” because they are still in the throes of a temper tantrum.  Anyone who hates Trump and thinks the world is going to end, or threatened to move to another country if he is elected, is lying to you and themselves if they recount their feelings as they watched the inauguration,

I was open to the idea of him bringing the country together.  I hoped he would unite us.

Lies.  Those same people thrive on complaint and dissent and live in academic bubbles of half-baked philosophy and often half-baked theology as well.  They harbor such intense hatred inside of them that they project it on everyone and everything that does not boil down to complete agreement with their life, choices, lifestyle, and woefully under-educated worldview.  Most are on depression medication in one form or another.  The mentally ill.

If you support Trump, and hope he really does turn Washington on its head, then you must also feel how keenly every single talking head in the media from Lester Holt, to Charlie Rose to Saturday Night Live, wants nothing more than to destroy, discredit and belittle him.

So I say, well played Mr. President.  I am glad you spoke plainly and while there were several times I felt like you were on the verge of a diversion from your written speech, and I think I am going to invent a drinking game based on your comically frequent habit of hand waving, you showed verbal restraint and spoke to the only people who would listen to you anyway.

Now let’s see if you have the courage to make good on your declarations, particularly the one to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth.  That is a tall order…


But I have to admit, I’d love to see the kinds of people willing to behead Christians like those above in Ethiopia, or anyone for that matter, for not praying to Allah get everything that is coming to them with interest.

Time will judge you as it has Obama, in spite of the endless sycophantic love letters Obama has enjoyed from the media and the acolytes and useful idiots on the left, the people I know will remember him as an even more weak and traitorous President than Jimmy Carter.  Who spent our great-great-grandchildren’s savings, made us look truly pathetic on the world stage, was less transparent and more secretive than any administration in history, and abused executive privilege in a way that utterly mocks the separation of powers and our beloved US Constitution.

I wish you good luck Mr. President.  You’re going to have to be ten times the President Barack Obama was to receive even one-tenth of the credit.